Memories and Moments

I remember life comes with a prize and with that prize come a responsibility attached to it it does not matter if you are happy or sad or you are mourning or going through a sorrowful phase life just happens to us individually and to some of us it makes us happy to some it make us sad and to other it makes them mourn and to some again it makes us sorrowful that’s because everyone has his/her own time to shine and when it’s that time we all come to the surface it does not matter who forgot about you or who did not think of you or miss you we all happen to life and life happens to us all.
   I vividly remember on the assembly while I was still in secondary school that it was time for the principal to call the new set of prefects as the old ones were being replaced  as a succession plan so the principal had finished calling everyone that will succeed his predecessor so it was a norm to ask them if they will assume and carryout their duties accordingly so the principal had gotten to the second before he got to the last person so he supposedly asked the will he be willing to carry out his duties and have no breach and the prefect declined so everyone was in shock how he could decline a position that everyone cherished and will bribe their way to get it because prefects were seen as gods of a lower denomination and they normally had school children that will run to them if they ever got into any type of trouble and it was a glorious post that everybody envied even though everybody knew it carried a lot of responsibilities and benefits.
  Although prefects were seen and deemed serious by every teacher and everyone who had attained the guardian status because to be a prefect your grades had to be stellar everytime and you had to be disciplined and know when to attend to issues it was a very good position but you had to stand out in everything you did.
  So when the prefect declined it shook everyone because they had already set up a panel to pick out the seasoned students who will succeed their predecessors.
     And I have come to realize that not everyone thinks in the same way and that some people are waiting for their works to speak for them and not everybody likes the advent of the spotlight and some like the spotlight because their works have brought them out so they just let life happen to them.
     And some others want to do everything it takes to get to the spotlight and they normally navigate their way not considering the consequence of their action.
     What I learnt from this moment is that it is not that their are even more qualified candidates to fill the positions of power but they just hide themselves refusing to show their faces regardless of whatever waiting for the right time to come out with what their long list of achievement and accolades rather we choose to give it to the highest bidder the person who weigh in the most paper on everyside.
We are all one nation
Divided, we fall
United, we stand.

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